10 Reasons Why Doi Doesn't Want You

- March 03, 2019
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1. You try too hard to please him. Therefore, he feels you are too easy to get and don't feel challenged. Remember, most men prefer to be curious when chasing you.

2. You are always by his side. Instead of being happy, he actually feels you're spoiled and excited. Make him want you to keep his distance.

3. Kamu bukan tipenya dan tidak ada yang bisa kamu lakukan mengenai hal itu. Setiap orang memiliki tipe pasangannya sendiri. Mulai dari tinggi, panjang rambut, bentuk tubuh, hingga cara ia tertawa. Nggak perlu berubah deminya. Move on dan cari cowok lain yang menyukai kamu apa adanya.

4. Kamu berada di dalam friendzone karena ia berpikir kamu adalah temannya. Apakah dia sering curhat mengenai cewek yang dia suka? Atau menceritakan hal-hal yang biasanya ia ceritakan pada temannya? Sepertinya dia menganggap kamu sebagai orang yang tidak perlu ia kesankan.

5. He likes other people. Sometimes, we are indeed late in finding people we like. Often, the person already has a partner or likes someone else. Should you win it?

6. He is not interested in you. Have you been friends long enough? When a man sees a woman as an ideal object, he will not see you attractive or exciting, because you have been friends for too long.

7. He feels you will not be suitable. If you have a list of things you want from a man, surely men also have that list. And maybe, the points on the list aren't in you.

8. Even though you have hobbies and activities carried out together, there is still a possibility that you have different levels of maturity and emotions. When he sees a big difference, he will think twice about having a relationship with you.

9. He has high standards. Ever met a proud man and felt himself super handsome? Men like this usually have high standards for their care. Forget about men like this because they are guaranteed not to be preoccupied with dating.

10. He is still playing. In fact, men really like to play and gather with their friends. Having a girlfriend is often associated with the loss of one's freedom. Therefore, show him that you are a cool girl who doesn't have many rules.

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