Don't Underestimate Fleas in Your Favorite Dogs and Cats, Here's How to Overcome It

- March 03, 2019
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Flea attacks in pets such as dogs and cats are very common. Not without reason, the tropical climate and warm temperatures make it easier for the fleas to breed and move quickly from one animal body to another. But unfortunately, the condition of pets affected by fleas is considered trivial by some of their owners even though sooner or later this can affect their health condition.

Types of Fleas in Dogs and Cats

There are two types of fleas that are often found in pet bodies. The first type of lice is ticks (ticks) which attack the dog's body and fleas (fleas) in dogs and cats. Both of these fleas easily move from one host to another host and are able to withstand extreme weather such as torrid heat and heavy rain.

Danger of Flea Attack

Flea attacks on animals not only have a negative impact on the animal's body but these negative effects can attack humans. For tick type fleas, the lice can stick to the skin part of the animal and suck blood, causing anemia and reddish spots. While fleas are more dangerous because they can carry tapeworm parasites on their bodies that can be transmitted to humans.

First aid with Anti-flea Special Comb

The first easy treatment to look at and know the number of fleas in pets is by combing animal hair using a special anti-flea animal comb. Because this special anti-flea comb has very tight fingers, you should use a regular comb to smooth the hair first and then continue using a special anti-flea comb to prevent hair loss from tangled fur.

Hygiene and Anti-flea Care Products

The next step after knowing how many ticks are in the animal's body is the selection of special anti-flea treatments. Hygiene products such as anti-flea shampoo are also very helpful to reduce the proliferation of fleas in the body. Not only shampoo, serum products or special drugs that are sprayed directly into animal hair are also very effective in removing these fleas. But more important than all these treatments is the condition of cleanliness of the body and environment of the cage and the animal playground that must always be maintained.

Routine Health Check

Not only humans, animals also need an examination with a veterinarian. When the condition of an infestation attacks continuously with a long span of time and the pet has shown signs of a disease caused by fleas, then a health check by a veterinarian is highly recommended. The doctor will check and give the right medicine to eradicate the lice, you can also consult or ask for tips on how to care for pets to be free of fleas.

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