Feel thin? Do These 3 Sports to Raise Weight!

- March 02, 2019
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Weight problems are not just limited to overweight. In addition to the complaints of many people about the weight that needs to be trimmed so that it can be slender again, there are also people who try hard to raise the numbers on their scales because their bodies are too thin.

Sports are not always aimed at cutting down body fat, some sports can actually be done to gain weight. In this case the sport is intended to increase the muscle mass in the body so that the body looks firmer, healthier and fitter. Want to know what sports are there? Come see the following.

It's not just adding food in the form of food, to adding weight, it is also necessary to exercise such as lifting weights. This is so that the body's fat and muscle mass increases in a balanced manner.

To increase muscle mass, you can try to lift weights. Start with a light load before finally increasing the load regularly.

If lifting weights is mostly just playing in the hand area, you can also try to start swimming regularly. When swimming, all members of the body move, therefore the tightening process and increase the body's muscle mass occur more balanced.

Swimming can also burn energy and fat which can trigger an increase in appetite, you know..

In addition to the two sports above, aerobics can also be an option to increase weight. Not only increase weight, aerobics also help to shape the body so that it looks more formed and tight always.

But in addition to the above exercise, you also need to balance the effort to increase your weight by consuming foods rich in fiber and nutrients, fruits and vegetables for example. Not forgetting also to leave bad habits like staying up all night so that the body's metabolism works better.

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