How you want to be loved, according to your zodiac

- March 03, 2019
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Shaded by the planet Mars, the excited Aries expects a partner who is as fiery as he is. Immediate dating, short adventures, or small surprises will make Aries feel loved.

Landed, Taurus is known to be practical and logical. But, that doesn't mean Taurus can't feel love. Special gifts or fancy dinners can make Taurus very happy. Other than that? Frequently touch your arm or hold Taurus's hand!

Gemini is rarely attracted to someone for a long time. If someone is willing to listen to everything Gemini says, Gemini will feel valued. Then for Gemini to be fascinated by your thoughts and personality, then Gemini will remain with you!

Emotional cancer can make his partner fall in love easily. Perfect dating according to Cancer is to relax at home while watching a romantic movie. Cancer wants a partner who is easy to talk to and is not in a hurry in a relationship.

Leo likes attention! A kiss on the cheek before parting or a sweet message sent in the afternoon can make Leo flower. Leo also doesn't matter if his partner often uploads photos of Leo on Instagram.

Virgo tends to attach importance to his partner before himself. Therefore, if one day the partner repays Virgo's kindness by making Virgo a priority, then Virgo will be a very happy person. For Virgo, thanks are better than words of love.

Couples who always want to spend time together can please Libra. In addition, Libra also melts on smart people, has many interesting topics to discuss, and humorous. Libra will also feel special if his partner invites Libra to meet with his friends.

Once Scorpio decides to be with someone, it is certain that the relationship is serious. Even so, the Scorpio pair must be patient in waiting for Scorpio to open itself. Not only likes being touched, Scorpio also likes to spend time discussing interesting topics.

Committing is a scary thing for free-spirited Sagittarius. Sagitarius likes to be given freedom in adventure, and prefers to have a partner who is invited to go on an adventure together. Living with Sagittarius is a sign that all your dreams will always be supported by him.

Capricorn is not easy to approach. However, if someone tries hard to get your attention, then Capricorn can melt too in the end. Even so, casual relationships don't catch Capricorn's attention who don't waste time on things that don't last long.

Aquarius does not believe in love at first sight. Aquarius prefers to tether his heart to his best friend. When Aquarius feels accepted as is, Aquarius is willing to continue the relationship to the next level.

It's no secret that Pisces is the most emotional zodiac. Pisces crave couples who can understand mood changes that often occur in him. Pisces dreamed of a partner who gave him enough freedom to work while waiting faithfully beside him.
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