Signs He Will Not Invite You to Go This Valentine

- March 02, 2019
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There is no birthday greeting from him.

If you are born between January and mid-February, and Si He does not say happy birthday, then chances are that he will also not take you away on Valentine's Day later.

Suddenly like sports.

Of course this reason does not apply if your partner is indeed a previous sports lover. However, if suddenly he diligently visits the gym, even almost every day, plus forgetting to contact you, chances are he is looking for a new partner with a body that is more fit than you. You need to be more suspicious if he also cuts his hair and buys a lot of new clothes.

Valentine's Failure.

You already have plans for Valentine's Day later. Not only that, you also plan to exchange gifts. However, if Si He looks lazy, does not intend to buy gifts, does not even come on Valentina Day, then actually he does not want to go with you on that day!

Mysteriously disappearing.

Does he often not pick up your phone? Reply to your long message? Nor can his friends be contacted? He disappeared from social media? He hasn't contacted you for the past week? When did you last meet? Are you actually still in touch? Are your relationships only in your imagination? Try to answer honestly, huh!

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