The Meaning of Color Based on Psychology! Which is your favorite?

- March 03, 2019
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You must have known that every color that exists has its own meaning. Apparently, the meaning of each color is not made from origin, you know. Based on psychology, each color represents certain characteristics and characteristics. Here's the list!

Maybe you already know a lot about the meaning of this color. Red symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, ambition, and determination. On the other hand, this color can also symbolize anger.

This mix of red and yellow symbolizes optimism and good communication. However, it can also mean pessimism and falsehood.

A stable and intellectual mind is symbolized by the color yellow. One of the brightest colors also signifies optimistic energy and joy. On the other hand, yellow symbolizes impatience, criticism, and cowardice.

Green is the color of balance and development. This color symbolizes independence as well as possessiveness.

The blue color symbolizes trust and peace. Loyalty and integrity are also symbolized by this color. However, blue also symbolizes stiffness.

Purple symbolizes high imagination. But, on the other hand, this color can also symbolize someone who is childish.

Pink symbolizes pure love without conditions. However, when viewed from a negative perspective, this color also means childishness and ignorance.

The brown color symbolizes the character of someone who is friendly but serious. There are many positive characters symbolized by this color, such as well-being, protection, comfort, and material success.

In terms of psychology, gray is a color that compromises, because it is not completely black, nor is it white. Gray is a transition from both colors. The symbol of gray is the absence of feelings and bonds. Besides this color also symbolizes doubt.

Among all colors, white is the purest and perfect color. The meaning of this color is purity, wholeness and perfection.

Black is the darkest color filled with secrets and mysteries. Black as if hiding many things.

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