Want to continue celebrating Valentine with her? Let's Learn Your Partner's Love Language!

- March 03, 2019
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Approaching Valentine's Day, don't let you fight! The main problem that every couple must have is miscommunication. This misunderstanding often occurs because of differences in the way you communicate with your partner. What's worse, this can make you or your partner feel unloved! For this reason, it is very important for each partner to know each other's love language!

This one love language deals with words, be it praise, romantic words, or encouraging words. If your partner is happy when appreciated through words, then he is included in this group. You can often make praise to him!

Quality time
As the name implies, those with a love language of quality time will be happy when spending time alone with their partners. Even simple things can make them happy, like watching a favorite TV series together, having dinner together, or finishing the day relaxing.

Apparently, a gift can be one of the love languages ​​that your partner wants, you know. It doesn't have to be an expensive gift, even a small handmade gift can be a source of happiness. If this is your partner's love language, try giving him small gifts at an unexpected time!

Not that people with love language have bossy temperament! They are very happy if you are sensitive when they need help. You can help him through the slightest thing, such as making breakfast, helping to clean up the house, or massaging his shoulder when returning home from work.

If he likes holding your hand or hugging you, chances are that he expresses his love through physical touch. He will feel connected to you through touch. To reply to his love language, often embrace him when you are dating or wiping his head. Guaranteed, he will be very happy!

Knowing your partner's love language can be difficult and confusing. It's best to communicate this from the beginning. You can discuss it subtly or just ask. That way, your relationship will last and far from miscommunication!

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