Your writing is ugly? Do not worry! Can Be You Genius

- March 02, 2019
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Often less confident because your handwriting is bad? You may already get hit with friends and even teachers because your writing can't be read. But, do you know that bad writing is one of the characteristics of intelligent people?

Your Brain Thinks Fast

The handwriting difference is actually determined at your time when writing. People with a fixed tempo and full attention to the groove and writing will produce neat handwriting. Conversely, if you have a messy tempo and don't pay attention to writing details, the result is your unreadable writing.

Well, this is where we know that people with bad writing are used to thinking quickly. Those with good writing think slowly because they pay too much attention to the writing details. Smart people can't control their tempo because their brains work very fast, so they don't have time to care about the form of writing.


Many things fill your mind in the same period of time. You are filled with ideas, so you don't focus on the details of the beauty of writing. Bad writing usually indicates a creative and quirky person. You dare to rebel and do not take your writing that is considered ugly. The writings of many legendary musicians and artists that look very bad, you name it Picasso and Beethoven.


You write outside the line that has been printed on the paper? Do not worry! That is a sign that you are a passionate person, so excited, you don't pay attention to your writing.

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